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India must strenthan soft power

Author: IPF      Date: 14 Sep 2014 07:51:45

India Policy Foundation organised a debate on Indo-China border Dispute and Way Forward on September 13 in which former diplomate Shri G Parthsarathy spoke in detail about Chinese threat, reality and where does India stand. He outlined the policy paralysis and leadership’s inability to understand the real thret. He even mentioned some historical blunders committed by the leadership of the country. A PowerPoint presentation of the historical background on the border issue was also given.

Prof. Rakesh Sinha presenting bouquet to Sh. G Parthasarathi

Speaking on the occassion Sh Parthasarathi said that the most of the policy makes in India are suffering from inferiority complex vis-e-vis China. If the country has to deal with China it must have to shun this inferiority complex not only by the Indian government but also by Indian people. China is trying to prove its civilisational superiority over India and successive governments after 2005 have been psychologically under pressure accepting them inferior to China.


He highlighted several other issues to counter Chinese chalanges on such included that India must have to develop Indegenous industries especially in defence sector. Power and infrastructure needs to be within the countrol of the country and self sufficient. On the other hand India has the dvantage that the US and European Union would not supply arms to China but India can procure them.

Besides this defence expenditure of India has gone down all-time low that is even to 1960 mark. The country must remember 1962 in view that Chinese defence expenditure is continuously increasing. Moreover, India GDP is one fifth of China. India needs to accelerate its GDP growth in the coming years at least at 7-8 per cent per annum.

There is no denying the fact that creation of Budhdhit circuit is going to prove a divident not only in terms of economy but strategically as well. It will prove to be very helpfull for the country. However, he was very sad about tourism in India which he termed that India is the most tourist unfriendly country with 6 million foreign tourists across the country while Paris alone recieves 80 million every weak.