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Academic Council

Author: IPF      Date: 19 May 2015 11:09:12

Academic Council


Prof. Kapil Kapoor

Chairman, Academic Council

Professor Kapil Kapoor is a globally renowned scholar of literature, religion and contemporary social issues. Professor Kapoor was Professor of English, Centre for Linguistics and English; and Concurrent Professor, Centre for Sanskrit Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He also served as the Pro Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University. During his research and teaching spanning more than five decades, he has mentored many doctoral and research scholars who are contributing as academics, administrators, and policy makers. He has been visiting professors and speaker in many universities and international and national conferences around the world and has been specially invited for lecture to leaders including House of Lords, UK. He is editor of Sahitya Academy sponsored Encyclopaedia of Indian Poetics, a UNESCO project; and Editor-in-Chief of Parmarth Niketan/Indian Heritage Research Foundation (USA) sponsored Encyclopaedia of Hinduism along with other scholarly books and papers published.


Dr. Jagbir Singh

Member, Academic Council

Prof. Jagbir Singh has been a renowned professor of Punjabi language and Head, Department of Punjabi at Delhi University. He is also Life Fellow at Punjabi University, Patiala. In his teaching career spanning more than four decades, he has mentored many doctoral and research scholars who are contributing as academics, administrators, and policy makers. Prof. Jagbir Sharma is a recipient of many awards and honours. He was twice awarded Gurbakhsh Singh Preetlari Award 2002 by Punjabi Academy, Delhi. He was awarded Punjabi Translation Prize by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi and Punjabi Sahit Sewa Sanman by Punjabi Academy, Delhi.


Dr. Jyoti Kiran Shukla

Member, Academic Council

Prof. Jyoti Kiran Shukla is Director (Academics), Chanakya Technical Campus, Jaipur. She has vast academic experience during which she has authored several books and research papers. Prior to becoming the Director (Academics) Chanakya Technical Campus, Jaipur, she has taught economics at various institutes, including NIT Nagpur and IDS Jaipur. She has been an advisor to the National Commission for Women and was nominated as an eminent social scientist, CSB, ministry of health, along with her various other academic assignments. She is an active member of Jaipur Literature Festival.


Shri Manmohan Sharma

Member, Academic Council

Shri Manmohan Sharma is an eminent journalist who has covered almost all the Prime Ministers of India in his career spanning more than six decades. A journalist of par excellence, he has been torch bearer for the ethical journalism in the country and non negotiable on power or finances. He was awarded the Bhanu Pratap Shukla Memorial Rashtra Dharma Award in the year 2013 for his positive contribution towards journalism.


Prof. Sharwan K. Sharma

Member, Academic Council

Professor Sharma is currently Professor and Head, Department of English, and Director, Centre for Canadian Studies, Gurukul Kangari University, Haridwar. He is editor of The Vedic Path, a Journal of English, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar. Dr Sharma has been awarded DFAIT Award for International Conference. He was also awarded Shastri Fellowship for 2 times. Dr Sharma has contributed to Indian literature from ancient India and its relevance and utility in present time.


Dr. Rajvir Sharma

Member, Academic Council

Dr Rajvir Sharma has been renowned professor of political science at Delhi University and Senior Fellow of Indian Council of Social Science Research. He has been author of several books and research papers on Politics and governance and contributed significant in Indian and South Asian contexts. Committee member of several high power committees and speaker in national and international seminars, Dr Sharma has contributed in the political science and public policy domain.


Prof. Rakesh Sinha

Member, Academic Council and Hon Director

Prof. Rakesh Sinhahas been leading the India Policy Foundation (IPF) as its founding Honorary Director, aDelhibased Think tank, since its physical inception in 2008. Under his able guidance IPF has been able to establish itself as a credible and globally accepted think tank.


Prof. Sinha is one of the most eminent political scientists in the country today. He is graduate and masters of Delhi University. Prof. Sinha topped the University in masters’ program and was awarded Gold medal and the prestigious Prof C J Chako for his outstanding performance.


As an Associate Professor at Delhi University, Prof. Sinha has authored several books and research papers. His books and monographs are debated and appreciated by the by the prominent intellectuals in India. His other works include, Political Journalism (under the fellowship ofMakhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal, Indian Muslims, Terrorism and Indian Media. A regular news paper contributor and invitee in public debates in news channels, Dr Sinha is recognized for his sharp research and speaking ability.


Prof. Rakesh Sinhais credited with his great contribution on the Sachchar Committee report, Minority report, Dalit studies, Media Independence report.