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About Drafting Committee for Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

Author: IPF      Date: 14 Feb 2017 16:42:46



Under the auspices of Centre for Social Justice and Harmony, a faculty for Research and Survey under India Policy Foundation, a Committee has been formulated for drafting the Uniform Civil Code. As all other Civil rights and duties are governed by uniform laws, which are both religion neutral and gender neutral, this initiative is to sensitise the society of Gender rights and Gender Justice across the religious and social spectrum of the country. The main focus of our entire endeavour is to address the myth and criticism surrounding UCC. It aims to enlighten people and garner opinion for Gender Equality. India Policy Foundation has already initiated a comprehensive exercise in this direction by undertaking threadbare and wide consultations, surveys, workshops, lectures and research. At present various scholars are assisting the Committee in the areas of research, programme and consultations.  The impetus is on the following vis a vis Uniform Civil Code:
  • To understand the mind of the stakeholders
  • The understand the application of civil codes in various parts of the globe
  • Understand the religious resistance
  • Personal laws of various Communities and Tribes
  • Assembly and Parliamentary Debates
  • Verdicts and observations by High Court and Supreme Court
  • Solicit opinion of academics, judiciary, religious leaders, politicalparties, NGO’s and civil society

  Committee intends to draft a bill on Uniform Civil Code which is inclusive, non-discriminatory and unprejudiced for a larger debate in media and civil society.