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Happiness Index

Author: IPF      Date: 27 Jun 2017 17:29:07

National Seminar on Happiness and Public Policy

Tentatively 16th Sept (Saturday) 2017


It is more than six years since the UN General Assembly recognized happiness as a fundamental human goal. Across globe there have been discussions among the state heads as to find some alternative ways to measure progress. The question which has been raised both by academicians as well as by practitioners is – Does GDP measures human progress?

 Economic growth that does not promote happiness and well-being of citizens needs to be questioned and some alternative measures have to be evolved so that the concentration of public policy gets shifted from dominance of economic growth to dominance of human values and well-being which has been the basic premise of Indian culture and ethos.

 The IPF wishes to initiate discussion in that direction so that we are able to create a framework of measuring human well-being and happiness in the times to come at different levels.  We wish to make the policy makers aware of what is happening across globe on this domain and to provide a platform to brainstorm on the concerning issues so that a formidable alternative is developed and we in India are able to develop our own database of happiness.  In the light of the presentation of World Happiness Report 2017 as released on March 20, 2017, it becomes all the more important to formalize data on happiness levels in India so that we are able to reflect true view of well-being status of our country.


In order to actualize this IPF would like to spearhead the process of public policy discourses surrounding Happiness and Well-being and to develop an index in the times to follow which could be used for driving future policies so that human well-being gets assured for all the citizens of the country. With this noble intention IPF wishes to organize academic and policy discourses at national level so that all the stakeholders are able to put forth their views for envisioning better tomorrow.


We would like to request interested social scientists, practitioners and policy makers to submit their papers on the theme to happinessindexipf@gmail.com by 31st August 2017.