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Indianisation of Islam

Author: IPF      Date: 14 Sep 2018 10:24:15

India Policy Foundation organised a talk by Shri Tarek Fatah on the 13 of September 2018, on the topic ‘Indianisation of Islam’ at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. 

The event began with Dr. Geeta Bhatt giving the introduction address and informing the crowd about the initiatives and vision of India Policy Foundation. She remarked as to how IPF has been actively promoting a nationalist narrative and wishes to take the message to the masses in India.

 Shri Tarek Fatah began the talk by saying how Indianisation of Muslims in India is the need of the hour. He spoke about the history of Islamic invasion of India and the brutalities suffered by Indian as a result of this invasion. He said that it has become a trend in today’s Muslims to name their children on the ruthless invaders or give them Arabic names. He mentioned the invasion of Sindh by Md. Bin Qasim and how some Muslims in India consider him as a hero. He said that a true Indian Muslim will always oppose the brutal oppressors and Sultans who ruled over the Indian subcontinent. He also mentioned Dara Shiko and how he has been forgotten in the intellectual discourse today.

Mr. Tarek Fatah noted that Pakistan is state of mind and not a country. Pakistan has mal-intention for everyone, at its borders or other cultures, ethnicity and religion inside Pakistan. Tarek Fatah narrated the historical background of Muslim’s religious and political aspirations in South Asia region. Time of South Asia has been changed, it will shape itself to move in decisive manner, now, he added. He addressed the need to honor National Anthem and said that India needs to take care of Sindh and whole of Punjab to complete the anthem statement. He said that Baloch pride is incomplete without Nawabs and Sardars of that region. India has to take lead leadership role for the stability of the region. Pakistan has to be controlled for peace of the region.

In his concluding remarks he also said that Indian Muslims must build the Ram Mandir at Ayyodhya and that it is a part of cultural heritage of India which all Indians must take pride in.

Later, Dr. Awnijesh Awasthi thanked Tarek Fatah for the inspiring talk and said that it will indeed bring a positive change in the hearts and minds of Indian Muslims. He also assured the audience that India Policy Foundation will take Tarek Fatah’s message of unity and integration of Indian society to all sections of Indian society.

Dr. Rakesh Pandey gave the vote of thanks and congratulated India Policy Foundation for organizing this event and said that many such events are the need of the hour to bring a positive change in Indian society.