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Uniform Civil Code

Prerna Kumari

Uniform Civil Code and It’s Resistance The constitution makers were harbinger of hopes and aspirations of people of India. But many of their dreams, as spelt out in the constitution, still remains unfulfilled. One such dream is the implementation o..

Archana Pathak Dave

UNIFORM CIVIL CODE- ‘Need to rekindle efforts in the positive direction’ Blog Content – By Archana Pathak Dave Advocate, Supreme Court of India Human Beings are born equal and should remain equal. The basic concept of Human rights is ..

Ankita Chaudhary

A committee has been formulated for drafting the Uniform Civil Code under India Policy Foundation (IPF). IPF has taken initiative to draft comprehensive Uniform Civil Code. Uniform Civil Code is a proposal to replace the laws influenced by religious scri..

Alok Sharma

The Constitution of India has provided us various important rights but these rights are silent about some underlying tensions arising out of them, the primary such tension being individual rights vs. community rights. However, this conflict is the most ap..