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Director’s Message

Source: IPF      Date: 05 Jul 2014 10:12:53


Autonomy of ideas is supreme. They are the hallmark of a vibrant society. Contending ideas always present new inputs to tide over any crisis faced by the country, but the ascendency of libertarian values attempts to homogenize all ideas in its favour. This is incremental to the development of any counter-perspective. In such an evolving situation, the role of India Policy Foundation becomes all the more challenging and significant.


India policy foundation seeks to give a major thrust to people-centric policies. This has become all the more important in the context of the prevailing politics of confusion resulting from a plethora of fundamentalist ideas and failed ideologies which, fed on intellectual bankruptcy, has facilitated the rule of opportunists.


We at the India Policy Foundation have been trying to give shape to free intellectual ambience to counter the assault made on the innovative ideas which seem to be inconvenient to the contemporary discourse of power both national and global.


The very purpose of the foundation is to develop critical perspective to the existing dominant ideas to provide new insights for the policy formulation. Keeping this in view, IPF has, therefore, organized several seminars, talks and brainstorming sessions to present a counter-perspective to the prevailing situation.


The Foundation has undertaken many research projects, which throw a light on the socio-economic and political challenges before the nation. Moreover, scholars have been working to assess the healthy policy, state of health sector in India and possible solutions to the problems.

Another area where IPF organized a series of brainstorming sessions was on the condition of Dalits. We will soon publish a document dealing in various dimensions of their life, politics and policy response.


Happiness of the nation and humanity should be the ultimate goal of any thought.

Thus, the foundation firmly believes that there may be recession of economy, but there must not be recession of ideas as they are the only saviors during the moment of crisis. No one can stop an idea whose time has come.




Dr Rakesh Sinha

Honorary Director