About the India Policy Foundation

The India Policy Foundation is a non-profit research organisation dedicated to exploring constructive solutions to contemporary problems through its intellectual pursuits, a platform for eminent personalities of all walks of life to come together, discuss and debate, paving the way for a consensus on public policies in line with India’s rich philosophical content and intellectual legacies. Established in 2008, with Prof. Rakesh Sinha as it’s Hony. Director, the Foundation conducts seminars, brainstorming sessions, symposia, and comes out with research-based publications. The IPF seeks to understand the ethical-moral interplay of State-society relationship in shaping, re-shaping and consolidating the country’s nationhood in the face of internal and external exigencies associated with the task of nation-building. It is the IPF’s endeavoring mission to initiate and, whenever necessary, intervene in the formulation of State policies that impact the lives of the people of our country.